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Maxim Integrated Products


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Maxim Integrated (now part of ANALOG DEVICES) designs and manufactures analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits used in computers, peripherals, handheld electronics, wireless and fiber communications, test equipment, instrumentation and video displays. Maxim Integrated products include Data Converters, Interface Circuits, RF Wireless Circuits, Oscillators, Battery-Management Circuits, Microcontrollers, Operational Amplifiers, Power-Management Circuits, Switches, Multiplexers, Sensors and Voltage References.

Explore the product catalog below, and see how Maxim’s products can add something extra to your next design.

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State of the art bio, industrial & automotive sensors

High-accuracy, low-power performance with real-time protection, robust interfaces and compact packaging

A range of efficient, precise, rugged and reliable
essential Analog ICs

Get to Market Faster

MAXIM’s highly integrated Interface, MixedSignal and Power Management products will simplify your design so you can get to market faster.

Featured Products

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Development Boards, Evaluation Tools

Fasteners & Mechanical

LED Lighting Components

Passive Components

Semiconductors - ICs

Wireless Modules & Adaptors

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