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delivers the infrastructure that makes the digital journey simpler, smarter and secure. We’re moving beyond connectivity, from what we make to what we make possible through a performance-driven portfolio, forward-thinking expertise and purpose-built solutions. Read More

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Multicore Cables

With an unmatched ability to ensure system uptime these utility-grade essentials will outlast alternative options - even in the most demanding environments.

Hook up Wire

These components are built to comply with rigid industry and government specifications and to deliver industry quality and consistency for the entire manufacturing operation.

Multipair Cables

Reducing electromagnetic interference and crosstalk, as well as providing easier installation.

Networking Cables

Ensure your system can withstand the harshest environments with a comprehensive range of Ethernet cables, with Belden's patented bonded pair design for superior signal integrity and Belden DataTuff® Industrial Ethernet cables. To keep your business running at full speed.

Coaxial Cables

Offer excellent performance across longer distance for power and voltage signals and ensure reliable signal integrity and exceptional broadcast quality in high-resolution applications.

Connectivity Solutions

Connectivity solutions for fiber, copper, coaxial, AV multimedia or industrial applications. Belden's connector product portfolio is designed to achieve secure data transmission in a wide range of applications.

I/O Systems

Flexible and cost-effective I/O are critical to intelligent and reliable communication. From passive distribution boxes, fieldbus and modular I/O systems to high-performance modules, the Lumberg Automation I/O system portfolio offers a variety of solutions to meet your needs.

Industrial Networking & Cybersecurity

Belden offers a broad portfolio of ruggedized managed Ethernet switches that are engineered for reliable performance in harsh industrial environments as well as firewalls ensuring the safety, resiliency and reliability of your system.

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Featured Brands

Hirschmann is a leading full-service provider for high-end industrial networking solutions. The extensive product portfolio includes: managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches, wireless LAN and security systems as well as media converters, meeting the highest standards.

The company’s array of services includes consulting, installation, and implementation of industrial automation and network systems for mission-critical applications.

Lumberg Automation is a leading supplier of industrial connectivity solutions. The extensive product portfolio includes power, sensor/actuator and data connectors as well as active and passive I/O modules. Lumberg Automation products offer compact design and outstanding electrical and mechanical characteristics to meet the highest standards.

With 100 years of experience Alpha Wire meet the needs of the customers demanding cable solutions with guaranteed performance reliability by providing a wide variety of application-specific cables designed to perform regardless of temperature extremes or environmental hazards including oils & solvents, electrical noise and continuous flexing.


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Cable, Wire & Cable Assemblies


Tools & Production Supplies

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